Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Meditation Challenge


This month I will be participating in RunToTheFinish's Meditation Challenge.  This challenge is a little different than a lot of the blog challenges that are out there.  There are no set guidelines, no prizes... the goal is simply to progress over the course of the month.  And hopefully for me, instill a new healthy habit into my routine.

As a mother to a two-year old that keeps me going from sunup to sundown most days, I can definitely see how daily meditation could benefit me.  Taking time every day to slow down, to invite peace, to center myself, can only make me a better mother/wife/person.

Coincidentally, I saw this picture linked through a friend on Facebook the day I decided to commit to this challenge.  It speaks to what I hope to achieve by taking the challenge and making meditation a part of my daily life.  

I saw this on Facebook here, not sure about original photo credit.

I invite you to join the Meditation Challenge hosted by RunToTheFinish by signing up here

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