Monday, April 8, 2013

SBBC Week 5

This week was going to be hard anyway (hubby out of town, no sitter, and a kid that doesn't want to nap), but then I slipped on a pair of Liam's pajamas and fell, really racking my neck and shoulder.  (It's still not right after a week.)  I'm also still having GI issues that are really causing me a lot of pain and nausea. 

I've also noticed that I have a really hard time getting 7 servings of veggies.  5 or 6, easy... but that 7th one is elusive.  I often get to the end of the day one serving short.  I could then eat one more, but I choose to avoid the extra snacking. 

Mon: Traveling - no workout, got water, missed freggies
Tues: Tweaked neck & shoulder - 30 min VERY EASY walk with Liam, water, missed freggies
Weds: 30 minute EASY walk, neck still really sore, water, missed freggies
Thurs: 30min walk at home, 25 min leading C25K class, water, just missed freggies
Fri: Freggies (Yay!) & water.  No workout.
Sat: Sick.  Water only
Sun: Water, 45 minute walk

Liam and I are hanging out and laying low.  He starts daycare again next week.  I already have workouts entered in my calendar... can't wait to workout without having to struggle to sneak it in somewhere!  And I'd better get cracking, my first race is May 4th... a 7-mile trail race, my first trail race.  I'm also supposed to be running a marathon in June...

Monday, April 1, 2013

SBBC Week 4

This week started off good, but then fizzled out.  Traveling always seems to mess me up.  I don't eat the same, I don't sleep well (OK, so I don't sleep well at home either, but better.)  I just never manage to get my workouts done when I travel.  We came home today (Monday) and I'm hoping to get back on track again tomorrow.  

Mon: 50 minutes (4mile run + walk to cooldown), water, didn't meet freggie goal
Tues: 60 minutes at master swim, water & freggies
Weds: no workout, got my water, just missed my freggies
Thurs: 40 min hike, 3 mile run (32min), water & freggies
Fri: 60 min walk, just missed freggies, got my water
Sat: didn't workout or get water/freggie goals
Sun: Didn't feel well today, 0 points