Monday, April 1, 2013

SBBC Week 4

This week started off good, but then fizzled out.  Traveling always seems to mess me up.  I don't eat the same, I don't sleep well (OK, so I don't sleep well at home either, but better.)  I just never manage to get my workouts done when I travel.  We came home today (Monday) and I'm hoping to get back on track again tomorrow.  

Mon: 50 minutes (4mile run + walk to cooldown), water, didn't meet freggie goal
Tues: 60 minutes at master swim, water & freggies
Weds: no workout, got my water, just missed my freggies
Thurs: 40 min hike, 3 mile run (32min), water & freggies
Fri: 60 min walk, just missed freggies, got my water
Sat: didn't workout or get water/freggie goals
Sun: Didn't feel well today, 0 points

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