Monday, July 18, 2011

Race Prep - Six More Days

That's right, less than a week until my next race.  Nervous?  I am. 

My training hasn't been what I would have liked, but I think it will be sufficient enough to get me through. 

We're currently in the middle of a nasty heat wave.  This is the forecast for the next few days:
That's right, heat index near 110ºF.  That's dang hot for these parts and I am in no way acclimated or able to exert myself for 8 hours in that kind of heat.  I felt sorry for anyone racing IM Racine 70.3 this past weekend as this weather's been hanging around since last Saturday. 

I was so hot when I got done with my workout Saturday afternoon that I attempted my second ice bath.  The first was an absolute failure.  I added the ice first (too much, I think) and my calves seized up immediately upon stepping into the tub.  This time I ran the water as cold as it would go, got in, and then added the ice. 

Liam thought putting the ice cubes in was a lot of fun!
This picture was taken before most of the ice was added, so I was still pretty comfortable.  When I first got in, I didn't have the sweatshirt.  I was so hot, I thought it would take me forever to cool down, even in the ice bath.  I was wrong.  It took about a minute just in the cold water before I had to yell for Dave to bring me a shirt!

Luckily, the weather is due to shape up by Sunday.  The forecast for race day is 80ºF and sunny.  Still warmer than ideal conditions, but it is July, and that's a lot better than 90+ with a heat index of 110º!

My new bike and I went to couples therapy today (a professional bike fitting session).  When we left, we liked each other a little more than we did when we got there.  I'm hoping we still like each other after tomorrow's ride.  That will be the real test of whether or not this bike fit session was worth the time and money. 

That was pretty much the extent of today's race prep.  Oh, I did buy some lovely blue nail polish and hibiscus nail stickers to coordinate with my tri kit.   VERY important race day detail. 

Ignore my battered runner's feet.  Yes, I only have half a toenail on that second toe.   

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  1. Love the nail polish and stickers! Also love your new blog look. Very nice. Good luck at your race! Hopefully it cools down a bit before then.