Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Training Log & Food Journal Jan 8-14

This week went well.  I've been feeling great, thanks to my elimination diet.  I even experimented with adding a couple things back in (eggs, corn) and so far so good.  I got back in the pool for the first time since my 70.3 last July!  I have definitely lost my endurance for swimming, but am happy to report that I haven't lost any speed - not that I had any to begin with.

Here's the weeks training:
Sun: 500yds, mixed drills/ free
Mon: rest
Tues: Ran 5 with stroller, 58:53.  Walked up the one big hill with soft gravel since this was supposed to be an EASY day :)
Weds: Treadmill hills, 6x400, 3.5 total miles
Thurs: Ran 2.1, treadmill, 21:00 - supposed to be 3, but Liam woke up from nap
Fri: Rest day
Sat:: Ran 0.6 miles on treadmill, supposed to do fartlek, had sore hip flexor.  After last year's treadmill overuse injury, not taking any chances this early in year.  Decided to rest.  (Good decision- had no pain running outdoors  the next day.)

Weekly Totals:
Swim: 500yds
Run: 11.2 miles

Time to add the bike in soon.  I'm working on getting it fixed.  I have determined that I need a new chain.  I have a new chain...somewhere.  I can't figure out why it's not in the box with the rest of the parts that came with the new bike.  I've looked everywhere logical and several not-so-logical places.  I ended up just ordering a new one today.  Hopefully this will solve my shifting problem as well and I'll be all ready to go for a while.

I mentioned above that my journaling/diet is going well.  I really feel SOOO much better!  I am happy that adding eggs back in hasn't seemed to bother me as I was having trouble getting enough protein.  Here's the link to this week's journal:

I'm excited to get back in the pool a couple more times this next week.  I know the endurance will come back quickly if I just go swim.  I also need to get a little more endurance before masters swimming starts in a couple weeks!  I'm pretty sure I'll be the slow one, but I'd like to not be the annoyingly slow one!

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