Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Five Friday 5-11-12

1. Busy, busy week! It started off last weekend with Liam's 2nd birthday celebration.  My parents live here in town, but Dave's family is 5 hours away, so we celebrated a few days late.  Liam's only two...he doesn't really know or care at this age.
Of course he got a whole pile of new toys.  Some of them were even on his cake!  I set the bar high with last year's cake (homemade fondant jungle animals).  This year I just wasn't sure what I was going to to do and suddenly it was the day before!  Thank goodness for Pinterest!  I didn't take me long to find inspiration and this is what Liam ended up with:

They tell me it tasted good.  I'm too new to gluten-free to try experimenting with a gluten free cake at this point.  So I just trusted Betty Crocker for the cake and I ate ice cream instead. I don't consider myself a loser in that situation.

2. I got to hang with my triathlon friends TWICE this week! First we went out for drinks after master swim Tuesday night. Wednesday night we met up again at a triathlon clinic at which our fearless leader and master swim coach Jose was one of the main speakers.

Tri clinic hosted by Fairmont Multisport Club. Speakers were nutritionist Jessi Rezac,  pro triathlete Jose Rosales-Yepes, and co-owner of Nicollet Bike Justin Rinehart.  (Photo: Mike O'Rourke)

3.  Thursday, in lieu of an organized workout, I chose to garden and take advantage of the nice weather.  Seems like it has been raining all the time here lately and it's been too wet to weed (um, yeah...see all the little teeny-tiny green things in the picture below).
I spent a little over an hour weeding with this old-style cultivator.  That really is one heck of a workout and I am totally counting it as crosstraining!
Good news is now that the plants are all up and the weeds are gone, we can mulch and I hopefully won't have this much weeding to do again this year (fingers crossed!!!)

4.  I'm going to try running again tomorrow with my Couch-to-5K group.  I took the week off again after having some pain during last week's attempt.  I sure would like to get back to running...

5. I can't think of anything for number five so instead I'm leaving you with a picture of my kid helping in the garden, tiny little garden gloves and all  :)

Have a great weekend!  Good luck to anyone who is racing!


  1. That cake is too cute! You did a really great job. And your little boy is so cute in your last picture. Happy belated birthday to him.