Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Training Log April 30-May 6

"My First Week With A Coach"
"How To Be A Bad Athlete By Not Following Directions"

Monday:  This week started off with my birthday (and my son's- we share a birthday) on Monday the 30th.  It was a rest day (thanks, Coach!)
It was an awesome unintentionally multisport-themed birthday!
Hubby hired me a coach:  Wendy Mader at T2 Coaching.
Mom & Dad got me Sparkly Soul Headbands:
and Chrissie Wellington's autobiography "A Life Without Limits"

A Life Without Limits: A World Champion's Journey
My in-laws gave me some money which is currently being used (along with some other $) to bid on a lot of goodies Tanya at GOTRIbal is auctioning off to raise money for CAF (Challenged Athletes Foundation).  Bidding is happening here until June 1st 2012.  Go check it out and place your own bid!  
Yep, that visor and water bottle are both signed by Chrissie.  Go. Bid. Now.  Let's raise some dough for CAF!
Since we were planning Liam's big party for the following weekend, we didn't do anything big.  Instead, Liam and I enjoyed some Ben & Jerry's after supper followed by snuggling up on the couch to watch "Winnie The Pooh".  An enjoyable way to spend a birthday for both of us!  

Tuesday:  Tuesday was supposed to be a double.  P90X2 session and master swim.  Well, apparently Liam decided now that he is 2, he no longer needs regular afternoon naps (a trend that has unfortunately continued all week).  I got the master swim in because I had a sitter, but by the time I got home from that at 9:15PM, I was beat and had no energy left for the second workout.  Half successful today.  
Pre-masters warmup +masters= 1800yds

Wednesday:  Drills on the bike means a trainer workout.  Not as fun as riding outside, but it means I can do it while Liam is napping rather than having to find a sitter.  Of course, since he has decided he no longer needs naps, I had to spend the morning wearing him out with an extra large helping of outdoor play to get him to nap.
Mercifully, this session was only 51 minutes long, as it was the first workout that I have ever wanted to puke and cry within the same workout (thankfully, not at the same time!)  It was a good workout, though, and I didn't feel that bad after I was done or the next day.  I'm just not used to pushing outside my comfort zone on the bike.  

Thursday:   500yd swim time trial.  12:50.  15 seconds slower than 5 weeks ago, but different pool, different day.  That was the best I had that day.  1300yds total in the pool counting warmup and cooldown. 
Second session of the day was P90X2 Yoga.  After my swim, I spent all day trying to get rid of a headache.   After I finally got it down to a dull roar and Liam went to bed, I decided yoga was in order.  It was a good choice.  It got rid of my headache!  

Friday:  Coach Wendy had another trainer session scheduled for me today.  Again, Liam didn't want to nap.  Thunderstorms and lots of rain meant no outdoor play to wear out the child today, plus I was trying to get ready for a weekend of houseguests.  The rain also meant nowhere to ride my trainer.  We got enough rain that we got moisture in the basement for the weekend.  Since we have mold/mildew issues in the basement I won't spend any time down there when it's damp.  The rain meant I couldn't set up outside like I had earlier in the week.  New plan was to do Friday's workout on Saturday and Saturday's workout on Sunday.  I did a lot of housecleaning, menu-planning, and toddler-entertaining instead.  

Saturday:  It rained again all Saturday morning.  No trainer ride.  I was allowed to run/walk with my C25K group (first run in 2 weeks, yay!).  Only got drizzled on there.  Finished housecleaning, went to the grocery store in the middle of the downpour and came home looking like a drowned rat.  Shortly after that, our guests arrived and Liam's birthday festivities began.  So much for that plan adjustment.  Plan C?  

Sunday:  Sunday morning and early afternoon were gorgeous and sunny and would have been great for riding.  But we had church and potluck.  After coming home from church, we all took a walk and enjoyed the last of the sunshine before the clouds took over for the day.  Our guests left shortly thereafter.  Liam finally took a nap.  And so did I.  I hadn't done my workouts, but I'd stayed up late and woken up early cleaning and getting random things done for the past few days so I was pooped.  
Dave woke me up just before my alarm was set to go off and helped me get motivated to get moving and out the door.  It was 59 degrees, cloudy, and windy.  Not terrible conditions, but not super enjoyable either.    
I was scheduled to do 90 minutes at RPE 5-6.  Going out against the wind, I had to keep reminding myself that it was only supposed to be RPE 5-6 and dial it back a couple times.  It was tempting to try to fight the wind with all I had, especially when I would look at the speed and see how slow I was going!  
It ended up being a good ride and I was glad I went.  24 miles in 90 minutes.  

Goal for this week:
Dave has started a new position at work and will be home more!  This will hopefully make fitting in my workouts easier.  Especially now that a certain toddler has decided that naps are no longer necessary.  My goal for this week is to complete all workouts AS WRITTEN by Coach Wendy.  


  1. First off, happy belated birthday!!

    As for having a crummy training week, I know how you feel. Here's to a fantastic week and more to come! =)

  2. Thank you and thank you! How was Italy?!? Can't wait to hear all about it!