Monday, July 23, 2012

If you don't have anything nice to say...

Well, you know how the saying goes. 

Except for my last couple of posts about Bia and GOTRIbal, I really have been in a funk and have not had anything nice to say.  I have fighting an injury for most of the spring/summer and it has really put me in a foul mood as far as talking about my training. 

I have had a couple great moments, that I do need to recap on here (running a half-marathon with my dad and sister, doing an open water swim with my hubby and some friends on  hubby's birthday), but it's been hard for me to even get excited about those when I've been painful afterward. 

BUT, after 5 weeks almost completely off (just some super easy spinning and a little swimming) and an MRI that shows NO FRACTURE but just a stress reaction and some tendonitis, I am ready to get back at it.  The 5 weeks off led my doc to give me the green light to start running gradually again and I promptly came home after my appointment and headed out for a run! 

I am still out for the HalfRev at Wisconsin Dells.  There's just no way I'd be ready, nor would it be a good idea to run that far on the leg in just 3 weeks.  I'll be volunteering instead. 

And there are all sorts of other things going on around here, too.  We're getting ready to move into the family farmhouse a mile from our current house.  Mom and Dad are having a retirement auction in just 2 weeks.  We've started working on the house a little bit, but after the auction, there's really going to be a lot to do.  I spent a dangerous amount of time on Pinterest while I was injured ;)

The garden is starting to produce as well.  Last night they picked 5 bags of sweet corn.  My kitchen table is covered with onions.  There are a ton of peppers...I wish the tomatoes would ripen so I could get to making salsa.  The green beans and the zucchini are just starting to come in.  Eggplant should be ready soon. 

To that end, I suppose I'd better get off the computer and get crackin'!  Half-marathon and OWS posts coming soon!

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