Monday, July 30, 2012

Training Log July 20-29

This covers a little more than a week.  Including my first run after 5 weeks off!  
I headed to the orthopedist on Friday the 20th to (finally) get the results from my MRI two weeks after the test was run.  Results showed a stress reaction and mild tendinitis in the gluteal tendons.  Since, by the time we were actually reading the results, I had already had so much time off, he said I was okay to go ahead and start running again!  My instructions were to build up gradually and back off if I had any pain or achiness like before. 

Now, the orthopedist is over an hour away from home in a much larger town than the one I live in.  As in, shopping trips to this town are planned regularly by the locals here.  I even had some shopping I could have done myself.  But did I?  Heck, no!!! He had just cleared me to run...I went straight home and went for a run!!!

I've been icing my leg religiously, foam rolling, and making sure I remember to take my vitamins (especially the fish oil, the one I tend to forget because it's in the fridge.)

So here we are, 10 days after that first run back, and so far so good (knock on wood- yes, I'm superstitious).  I'm still out for my intended 'A' race at Rev3 Wisconsin Dells.  I will be volunteering there instead.  BUT, I am happy to have been able to transfer my registration to Rev3 Cedar Point!  I will still get to race my HalfRev this year!  No, I won't be as well trained as I had planned.  I may still PR, I may not.  I had intended to smash my time from my first half last year, but oh well.  I GET TO RACE!!!

Coach Wendy has got me building back up over these next few weeks.  Mostly just time on the legs.  This past week was kind of a 'listen-to-your-body' and a "why-won't-my-kid-nap-so-I can-workout" kind of week.

Fri 20- Ran 3 miles, 33:00.  Made myself walk part of it at the 2-mile mark just to be safe.  Felt GREAT to be back out!
Sat 21- 1.5 mile walk on our prairie trails with some family.  We had intended to do the whole 3 mile loop, but the ticks!!!  I don't know that I've ever seen them that bad in the middle of the summer.
Sun 22- Bike/run brick.  16 miles on the bike, 58:??; 20 minute run, 1.82 miles
Mon 23- Planned day off
Tue 24- Unplanned day off
Weds 25- 3 mile run with stroller, 38:22.  Liam wouldn't nap so I could get my trainer ride done so we went for a run.  At the hottest part of the day, with 2 miles of new mushy gravel.  That was exhausting!
Thurs 26- Potty-training boot camp for Liam, mental toughness training for mom. 
Fri 27- Day 2 of PT boot camp (see above).
Sat 28 - And again, he doesn't want to nap.  6.25 mile run with stroller, 72:38. 
Sun 29- Long bike ride: moderate pace, "ass-in-seat" time.  37.1 miles, 2:19:18

I'm excited to be back in it, but cautious.  This next couple weeks is going to be tough to get workouts in as planned.  Dave is out-of-town for work and Mom & Dad are having their farm retirement auction.  The running shouldn't be a problem, Liam does well in the stroller, and my leg seems to be handling the extra resistance just fine.  Swimming is always hard because of the lack of a place to swim locally.  The biking is what has the potential to really suffer.  If Liam won't nap, I can't get on the trainer.  I just don't trust him yet to keep his hands out of it and no workout is worth my kid losing his fingers.  If I workout after he goes to bed, I'm too energized and I can't sleep.  And getting up before him?  Hmmm...if you're about to suggest that, then you don't know me very well!  I am most definitely not a morning person. 

But I will do the best I can.  He will only be two for one year.  Next year he may be old enough to rationalize with about fingers and bike wheels.  If not, then the next. 

And now all this talk about napping and sleeping has me ready for bed!  Good night all, I've got a morning date with a handsome 2-yr old, a stroller, and my running shoes! 

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