Friday, October 5, 2012

Five For Friday: Oct. 5

Short on time lately, thus the lack of posting. I've been busy, busy, busy working on the farmhouse so we can get moved in before the snow flies.  Therefore, this week's FFF will be in pictures...
I tore out the shag carpet and found these tiles.  Still not what I eventually want, but better than the shag and will do for now!
Tore up the floor in the dining room and kitchen and replaced with vinyl tile.  This is the dining room floor before and after.
Why don't I update my blog at night?  Because I'm busy doing things like refinishing furniture at 11PM.
My cousin's wedding:  Don't worry, it was water.  I know because I gave it to him :)
Me and the monkey man!

My hubby is running his first marathon this weekend at Twin Cities!!!  Make sure to wish him luck, I know he'll appreciate it.  Liam and I are looking forward to a great weekend of race spectating and cheering!

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