Thursday, October 11, 2012

Need a Swift Kick? the ass? 

Yep, GOTRIbal is doing it again... not only inspiring women to try endurance sports, but giving them the tools to do it!!!

GOTRIbal's new "Swift Kick" program is designed for those who want to try running.  Already a runner?  How about passing this info on to a friend, co-worker, sister, mom, etc...  Maybe even commit to doing it with her or "gift" the program to her!

From the GOTRIbal website:

"In The Swift Kick [in the ass!] 8-week program, you will receive:
  •  A formal training program, beginning Oct 29, that is designed to help you commit to doing something you’ve never done – Run/Walk 3 miles, or run the whole 5K!  This program will get you there with our Expert Coach, Wendy Mader!
  •  Access to a GOTRIbal Expert Coach to get your questions answered during the first week, middle week and last week of the program.
  •  A 24/7 exclusive online Tribe where you can meet and communicate with other women in the program; including your Coach!
  • Weekly Tips and inspirational notes from elite athletes like ultra-runner Dean Karnazes, GOTRIbal Ambassadors, and women just like YOU.
  • Special surprise gear for you to wear during the 5K event on January 1!"

Instead of waiting until you make a New Year's Resolution (I mean, c'mon... those things never work for most people anyway!), get started NOW and reach your goal THIS YEAR!!!  What are you waiting for??? 

Check out the GOTRIbal website for more details and to join this AMAZING program!

Now you may ask, aren't you a GOTRIbal Ambassador?  Why, YES, I am!!!  Does that mean I get compensated in any way for posting this? No!!!  I am a GOTRIbal Ambassador because I believe in GOTRIbal and what we, as a community, can do when we connect and inspire each other through sport!  Everything I do for GOTRIbal, I do for free. 

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