Sunday, March 24, 2013

SBBC Weeks 2 & 3

Things went a little downhill this past week in terms of the challenge... some of it beyond my control (getting sick) and some of it within my control (misplacing my points list, choosing to work on other projects instead of work out).

But I am happy to report that my family is on the mend from the illnesses of the past couple weeks and this week WILL be better! 

Here's the (very short!) rundown for weeks 2 & 3:
Week 2:
Mon: don't know, apparently forgot to write anything down
Tues: points for water & freggies (fruits & veggies), WOW - took 5 minutes
Weds: points for water & freggies, 1 hour swim
Thurs: points for water & freggies, 4 mile run (41:05 plus walked to 45 minute mark)
Fri: points for water & freggies
Sat/Sun: can't find where I wrote it down and can't remember if I hit my water and freggie goals, so no points. No workouts.
Week 3:
Mon: On the same paper as Sat/Sun. No workout.
Tues-Sat: SICK!  Above the neck respiratory symptoms meant I could have worked out, but the low-grade fever kept me from attempting it. Freggie points for Sat. only. Water points each day as I was trying to hydrate the heck out of that cold!
Sun: Caught up on all the other things I had been neglecting while I was sick (laundry, housecleaning) Points for water & freggies.  

A pretty sad showing for two weeks...Tomorrow is a new day...

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  1. like you said a whole new day and a whole new week to make it whatever you choose! good luck!!