Saturday, June 29, 2013

The day that Tipsy died...

A day I never wanted to see.  The day that I was without my kitty.

She was with me when it was just me and her. She was with me when I got married... twice.  She was with me when I was pregnant, when Liam was a baby.  When we moved (4 different houses).  She was with me for 14 of her 16-1/2 years.

She was my best friend. 

She always seemed to know when I needed her most. 

And now she's gone. 

It's been only a few hours.  I still see her out of the corner of my eye.  My brain is still sure that she is just in the other room somewhere. 

But my heart knows different.  It knows that she is gone and is not coming back.  And it is broken. 

She was and always will be the best kitty ever. 

7lb kitty, 120lb 'Big Dog...notice who is in charge
I have never known another cat to be so loving, so happy to be with people.  If she was within 3 feet of me, she was purring.  Where I was, she was.

Even professed 'cat-haters' were caught petting Tipsy when they thought no one was looking.  She was just that kind of cat. 

We euthanized Tipsy today.  She had oral cancer.  An aggressive mass that went from nothing a couple months ago, to making it almost impossible for her to eat and drink and was starting to make her gag.  She wouldn't let us look at it, it was uncomfortable for her.  When she was asleep, I could catch a glimpse.  After we put her to sleep,  I could see it... I wondered how she had made it this long... the mass was huge. 

We will have other cats, but Tipsy will never be replaced.  

Rest in peace, my pretty girl...walk straight, or not, as you never seemed to know the difference... know that I loved you and always will. 

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  1. I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I have tears streaming down my face reading about your sweet kitty. I know how dearly our pets are to us and I dread the day when I will be without my "babies." Many hugs and peace to you. I know Tipsy will be waiting to see you again one day and you gave her a beautiful life that will not ever be forgotten.