Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Five Friday 4-27-12

1. The weather here has been typical Minnesota spring.  Last Saturday morning it was 40 and rainy, we had two days this week that were 80 and windy, tomorrow it might snow.  I am sick of putting the bike on the trainer and taking it back off.  Plus, after being able to ride outside, it's hard to get the motivation to be confined to the dungeon again!  Maybe someday I'll have two bikes...nah, I doubt it.

2.  I had an analysis and consult with a registered dietitian.  She told me to eat more carbs and less fat.  (I knew I ate too much cheese, but didn't realize my carb intake was so low!)  Also, my increased carbs should not add fiber because I am already approaching recommended daily limit.  More white rice and potatoes for me :)

3.  Masters swim has been extended one more month due to popular demand!  Yay!  It came down to the wire, but we were able to find enough people to fill a class for another month.  No small feat in this rural area.

4.  I have a coach!  More about this exciting news later!

5.  Week one of no running is almost over!  It wasn't hard to stay inside and not run today watching the wind whip the trees  in the front yard and listening to it howl.  One more week and then we'll see what Coach and the PT (sis) have to say.

Have a great weekend!  Good luck to everyone racing!

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  1. I can't believe the crazy weather! Oh wait, it was 80 last weekend and then it dropped down to the 40s. No snow though.

    How great that you are supposed to add more carbs to your diet! Yum!