Monday, January 7, 2013

2012 Recap: Focus On The Positive

While it is traditional to revisit your goals from the previous year and publicly announce what you accomplished and what you didn't... I will NOT be doing that on this blog this year!  Why?  Well, for one main reason... because of an injury, I was not even able to compete at my goal races for the year or run for much of the year. 

So I'm not even looking at my goals from last year.  I know I had a high mileage goal and a couple PR goals, but it's hard to meet those when you can't run or compete! 

Instead, I am choosing to focus on what I DID do last year:

- I ran three half-marathons.
-One of the half-marathons was with my dad and sister, and though slow, was an amazing experience!
-We moved into the farmhouse that my grandpa and dad grew up in.  We did a lot of remodeling & redecorating.  I did much of the work myself.
-I PR'd at the 10K distance despite having to take a large amount of time off prior to the race for a stress reaction.
-We had a large garden this year with an amazing harvest!
-I took a masters swim course and greatly improved my swimming.  I'm still not fast but it is easier and I am more comfortable in open water.

So just remember, if YOU didn't meet your goals, look for the positive.  I'm sure you also did some GREAT things last year!  

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