Friday, January 4, 2013

Five For Friday: 1-4-13

1.  Mankato Marathon is offering HUGE early bird discounts for their full and half marathon race distances through Jan 10.  We've run the half the past two years as a low-pressure end of the season race and had a blast!  Great course, great people.  We've signed up for the half again... join us! Register here:

2. Remember when I backed Bia on Kickstarter (see those posts here, here, and here)?  Well, now you can reserve your own!  I have been excitedly following their progress and can't wait to get my Bia on my wrist later this year! 

3.  I had some digestive issues over the holidays.  A good reminder that if you have sensitivites to KNOW the ingredients in the food you are eating instead of just assuming of guessing.  

4.  The strangest connections can happen on the internet.  I recently reached out to someone regarding my health issues via email.  She lives in California.  Turns out she is originally from Minnesota and not only does she know where my small town is but she's been here more than once!  Crazy!

5.  29 days to Sedona!
Ready or not...

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