Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 Goals

2012 was a frustrating and hard year for me.  I found I was gluten-intolerant (am still having some digestive issues), starting having exercise-induced dizziness,  had a stress reaction in my femur, am still having residual pelvic floor and core issues from pregnancy (3yrs ago!), and I didn't attain any of my measurable goals.

This year, I am setting a different kind of goal.  This year is not going to be about measuring miles or PRs.  I'm not going to count the number of books I read or how many glasses of water I drink.

This year goals are going to be based on how I feel.

I am going to work on healing my digestive system and figuring out if I am sensitive to any other foods besides gluten. 

I am going to meditate regularly.  This may be a guided meditation or just spacing out for 5 minutes in my own head.

I am going to strengthen and heal my body and run/bike/swim as much or as little as feels right.  

I am going to be grateful for at least one thing each day.

To sum it all up:
In 2013, I am going to work to improve my health: physical, mental & spiritual.

What are your goals for 2013?


  1. I also found out I am gluten intolerant towards the end of 2012 and am working on healing my digestive system. I will be interested in following your journey as well.

    I love your goals. They are very inspiring to me.

    1. Thanks, Sara!
      Best of luck to you in your transition to a non-gluten lifestyle. Gluten can be sneaky stuff! If you have any questions about what's worked for me (or hasn't) shoot me an email, I'd be happy to help :)