Saturday, February 26, 2011

Training Log Feb 13-19

I realized today that I didn't post my training for last week.  Here it is:
Sunday: Run 1 mile outside, NO PAIN!!!, Swim 1400 yds (250wu, 3x300, 250cd)
Monday: Run 3 miles, 30:08
Tuesday: Bike on trainer 45:00, 14.62 miles
Wednesday: Run 4 miles, 41:07
Thursday: Swim 2500 yds (600wu, Pulls-6x150, Pulls-6x100,Pulls-6x50, 100cd)
Friday: Bike on trainer, 90:00, 28.3 miles
Saturday: Rest
I am happy to say that I had no knee pain on any of my runs this week.  It has to be the way I change my stride to adjust to the treadmill. 
This week's training info will follow shortly!

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