Monday, February 7, 2011

Training Log Jan 30-Feb 5

Sunday: Ran 2 miles on treadmill, 19:20; Bike on trainer 9 mi, 28:35

That's all.  Yep, just one day last week.  After Sunday my knee started hurting again.  Friday was the first day it didn't hurt.  I figure I'd rather take the time off now than have to take time off in the middle of my marathon/triathlon training.  Unfortunately it's getting close enough to the start of the training program that I'm afraid I won't have the base necessary for my long workouts.  I may have to modify the program so that I don't do too much too fast and have even more trouble with this stupid knee. 
I was going to start working out again today after having a few pain-free days.  That plan was foiled by the virus I seem to have come down with.   Right after half-time during the Superbowl last night, my throat started to hurt.  By the time we went to bed my throat hurt pretty bad, the lymph nodes in my neck were swollen, I had a slight fever, chills, and ached all over.  The only thing that has kept me feeling okay today has been keeping Tylenol in my system.  If I get a little past time for the next dose, I start to hurt again. 
I guess that screws up my workout plans again.  Grrrrr. 

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