Sunday, February 27, 2011

Training Log Feb 20-26

This week's training didn't start off too well.  I tried to run at the in-laws on Sunday, but after almost falling on the ice twice, I decided to call it quits.  Then on Monday we weren't able to get all the way home because of the weather and by the time we got home Tuesday I was exhausted!  I can't wait for spring and the end of this seemingly endless winter!

Sunday: Ran 0.52 miles before quitting because of icy roads
Monday: None
Tuesday: None
Wednesday: Bike on trainer 45:00, 15.67 miles
Thursday:  Swim 1250yds (200wu, 20 min continuous, 250cd), felt terribly slow, had a hard time keeping form
Friday:  Ran 1mile on treadmill, 9:07.  Then Liam woke up and I didn't get him back to bed until 11pm so I decided to just go to bed!
Saturday:  Bike 30 minutes on trainer, 9.62 miles.  Legs were dead again. 

So this hasn't been a great training week.  I also started doing a core routine on Thursday.  I think this may be the reason my legs are so tired.  I was supposed to go longer on Saturday's ride but I need to get out for a decent run today (Sunday) so I stopped early to spare my legs.  I also skipped the core routine on Saturday in the hope that my legs won't be so tired on today's run. 
Only one more week until I officially start the triathlon training program! 

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