Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly Training Log Feb 27-Mar 5

This week went MUCH better.  Almost everything worked out as planned.  Here's the week:

Sunday: Ran 4 miles on treadmill, 37:39
Monday: Ran 3 miles outside, 32:10
Tuesday: Swim 2350yds; Bike 45 minutes on trainer, 14.94mi
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Ran hills- 4x.25mi hill, active recovery, total 4 miles
Friday: Swim 1700, Core circuit (included 1.07 mi of running, 10:00)
Saturday: Bike 90 minutes on trainer, 30.81 mi

Weekly totals:
Swim: 4050
Bike: 45.75
Run: 12.07

And since the last day of February was Tuesday, here are February's totals:
Swim: 5150
Bike: 75.27
Run: 17.52
I was a little disappointed in February's totals until I remembered that I had taken the first two weeks completely off for my knee.  Luckily I have no recurrence of pain since I started up again (Knock on wood!)

This Monday officially starts the 20-week triathlon training program!  There's no messing around now.  I start right out with 3 days of two workouts per day and over 7 hours of training this coming week.  Now if the weather will just cooperate...

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