Friday, June 3, 2011

Help Me Win Lunch With Chrissie!

GoTRIbal is a website I belong to for women endurance athletes.  They are currently running a contest where the winners get to have lunch with Chrissie.  In order to win, I have to be one of the first 10 people to recruit 75 followers for GoTRIbal on Facebook or Twitter.

You either need to follow them on Facebook or Twitter and:

tweet the following:
"I follow #GOTRIbal cuz of @ErinPurrington"

or post this on their Facebook page:
"I'm a GOTRIbal fan cuz of Erin Purrington."

I encourage you to check out GoTRIbal's website even if you don't want to  become a follower.  Lots of great H&F stuff for the runners, swimmers, cyclists & triathletes among us.

If you do become a follower, thanks for helping me out!

Edited to add links:!/GOTRIbalbaby

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