Friday, June 3, 2011

Sugar Free Challenge Day Three

Three days down, seven to go. I'm not having any trouble with cravings- I'm usually more of a salty snack person anyway.  I am finding it a pain to avoid some of my usual go-to snacks, mainly dried fruit.  As I am reducing my sugar intake, my fat intake is going up.  And so, as least temporarily, is my weight.  My body's response to the changing diet has been to gain 2 pounds, probably water. At least I hope it is. 

Oatmeal with  pecan milk, chopped pecans, cinnamon & vanilla
Coffee with whole milk

Pita with hummus x 2
Big huge plate of asparagus, freshly picked from our ditch!

Multigrain pasta with avocado, garlic & tomato

Pepperjack cheese
Hummus & chips

One snafu today.  I forgot to check the chips.  The chips I usually eat don't have added sugar.  I checked those prior to starting the challenge.  We are out of those.  I forgot to check the chips we did have before eating them.  Luckily only 1gram of sugars per serving (does some of that come from the corn?) so not too bad of a cheat.   

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