Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sugar Free Challenge: Day Two

First off, I have a confession.  After I posted last night, my headache got to be too much for me and I had a Coke.  I've been getting exercise induced headaches for a while now and good old Coca-Cola is the only thing I've found that makes them go away.  Well, Challenge Day One- no gold star for me.

So, on to Day 2!  I knew another exercise-induced headache shouldn't be a problem since I only had an easy swim planned for the day.  Today, I was going to succeed.

Breakfast: Same as yesterday, but I added vanilla extract to my oatmeal also- homemade so just vanilla bean and vodka, no corn syrup.  Did you know most vanilla extracts contain a sweetener, usually HFCS?  I discovered this a couple years ago.  Blech!
Oatmeal with pecan milk, chopped pecans, cinnamon and vanilla.
Coffee with whole milk

Post-Swim Snack:
I get ungodly hungry after I swim.  Much more so even than after I run.  So I try to bring something with me to  snack on while driving home (a 40 minute drive).  I usually bring a homemade energy bar but that has honey and dried sweetened cranberries so those were out.  So I ended up with just plain almonds.  I would have liked to bring some fruit but it wouldn't have kept well in the car or in my gym bag.   I also stopped and got some coconut water to drink.  Holy cow is that stuff expensive!
Coconut water 

I've been craving a pita with hummus & veggies all week so that's what I had.  I made the hummus last night and the pita this morning.  Ah, homemade bread... It took all the willpower I had not to eat the entire batch.  
Whole wheat pita x 2
Red bell pepper

Afternoon snack:
Whole wheat pita
Cheddar Cheese

Dinner: Nothing fancy- just leftovers.
Chicken breast
Peppers, onion & garlic sauteed with coconut oil
Spiced up kidney beans with sour cream and cheddar cheese

Evening Snack:

I did it!  I made it the whole day avoiding added sugars!  It actually was pretty easy today. Since I had some leftovers from yesterday's lunch, I knew I had one meal that was good to go.  And luckily, the recipe I followed for the pita bread told me I could omit the sugar and still have great results (and delicious results they were!) 
Tomorrow- long run.  I'm experimenting with supplementing my electrolytes on a daily basis instead of just during long workouts (that's why I bought the coconut water).  I hope to avoid the dreaded headache and not have to drink another Coke!

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