Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sugar Free Challenge Day Five

Well, today was a huge failure.  There was sugar all over the place.  The highlights:

Long workout:  It was suggested for the sugar free challenge to use dates as long-run fuel.  Good idea, in theory.  I discovered today however, that I cannot chew while I run.  Also dates are VERY sticky and hard to get down if you're tired.  And you thought Gu was bad...  Luckily I had brought some Gu with me in case I needed it.  I did.  One try with the dates was enough! 
I have also decided that coconut water is entirely too expensive to be using as electrolyte replacement.  I would have gone though $10 worth just today!  I can buy a lot of Powerade powder for $10.  Also, I like to train with the same electrolyte replacement that is available on the next race's course.  For my upcoming marathon it's Powerade.  After that I will switch to HEED, the available drink for my half-iron distance triathlon in July. I learned several years ago to not try a new electrolyte replacement on race day unless you want to spend half the day in the port-a-potty!

My dad's birthday supper.  How do you not have cake when it's one of your favorite kinds?  And I'm pretty sure the cream o' crap soup that was in the green bean hotdish has added sugar, but that was the only vegetable  being served so I ate it. 

I do intend to clean it up again for the remaining five days of the challenge.  I only have one workout long enough to require fueling during this time so I shouldn't have too many booby traps along the way.  At least I managed to turn down the offer from my mother to send some cake home with me!

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