Saturday, October 29, 2011

Training Log Oct. 23-29

Ahhh, recovery week.  This week has been easy just when I needed it.  My sleeping problems returned to some extent (I hope I have that figured out now) so I was pretty tired to start most days.  Next week will be a regular week, followed by a week of taper and racing.  (3 races in 3 days in San Diego!)

Sun: Rest day
Mon: 20 minutes easy with stroller, 1.8 miles, walk 20 minutes; foam rolling
Tues: 30 minutes easy on treadmill, 3 miles; foam rolling
Weds: Rest day
Thurs: Rest day (unplanned)
Fri: 4 miles, 40:29; yoga
Sat: 8 miles on.the.treadmill.  Thank goodness for iPods and loud music!

Due to my bonk last race and post-run headaches that have been plaguing me all year, I am trying some new nutrition strategies.  If they work out, I'll share.  If not, well... I'll probably be asking for suggestions! 

Have a great week and happy training!

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