Monday, October 17, 2011

Training Log Oct. 9-15

I was spot-on with last week's prediction of not doing much for organized workouts this week.  In fact, this was the only workout all week:

Mon: Ran 11 miles, 1:55:11, first 8 at long run pace, last 3 at half-marathon pace

The rest of the week was spent painting, dealing with some of the season's last tomatoes, and cleaning the house.  I didn't finish painting, but the weather forecast for this week says that I'm done.  It's supposed to be in the 40's for highs and it needs to be at least 50 to paint.  Oh well, it's hard to paint with a toddler around anyway!  I did get enough done that at least it will look okay from the road if I can't get back to it until next spring.

It sounds like Liam had a fun week with Grandma & Grandpa in Iowa.  He is adjusting well to being back home. 

Goals for this week are to get back on schedule with P90X and a half-marathon on Saturday.  I'd like to PR in the half, but I'm not confident that I can hold that pace for 13 miles.  I had PR'd a half-marathon in a training run this spring, but I don't feel my fitness is as solid as it was then.  We'll see.  I've finished enough half-marathons that I don't really want to run just to finish.  So far, I think my plan will be to go out at PR pace and see how long I can hold it. 

On a somewhat related note, I'm still looking for a bib for that half-marathon in San Diego.  I'd really like to run that race, but it's starting to look like that may not happen, even though it appeared that bibs were fairly readily available for transfer.  I still have a couple avenues to pursue, but I'm not too optimistic.  I may just have to settle for a 5K that day instead.

Weekly total:  Run:11 miles

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