Saturday, December 24, 2011

Training log Dec. 11-24

There isn't much to this training report. I've been having issues with fatigue, nausea, and dizziness for a while now. I finally went to the doctor but the tests he ran were all negative. So I still have no idea why I feel like crud. He has me changing back to a multivitamin that includes iron and doing a food journal to see if particular things set off my nausea. I also ended up in the ER the night before Christmas eve with vomiting and severe stomach pain.  Made me feel a little silly when it was just a viral gastroenteritis, but I'm glad I was able to go and get the IV anti-nausea and pain meds and the IV fluids.   
Anyway, I'm on bland foods and rest for a few days, then the food journaling and new multivitamin begin.  I hope it all just goes away. I am not a good sick person.  I get kinda whiny. 

So here's the brief training log. Hopefully the next one will look better!

Sun: P90X Legs & Back, 30 minutes worth, dizzy & extremely fatigued
Mon: run 6 miles, 1:04:35, dizzy last 3 miles
Tues: sick
Weds: sick
Thurs, Fri, Sat: no workouts
Sun: 3.95 miles, 39:16, dizzy last 2.5 miles
Mon-Thurs: no workouts
Fri,Sat: sick

Hope everyone is having a Merry Christmas!


  1. Yikes, I hope it's nothing serious. Take it easy and get better!

  2. I can not thank you adequately for the posts on your web site. I know you'd put a lot of time and effort into them and hope you know how much I appreciate it. I hope I'll do exactly the same for someone else at some point.