Tuesday, August 7, 2012

GOTRIbal Mobile App Coming This Fall!

GOTRIbal's new mobile app is coming this fall, "Racing Around Town".  They haven't released all the details yet, but are offering the chance for people to sign up to get the app for free when they launch the beta version.  (The app will only be free to those who sign up early.) 
This is the description on the sign-up page: "Connections to people like you. Curated expert advice. And gifts from the brands you love."   I don't know anything more than this about the app, but I figure it's free and I love GOTRIbal - I'll try it. 

As a GOTRIbal Ambassador, I would be amiss if I did not share the invite with you :)  Don't worry, this is a no-pressure thing and definitely not a sales pitch.  I get no compensation for being an Ambassador and no one is tracking how many people I sign up.  Just wanted to share something I think might be fun!


Onward and upward! 

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