Friday, August 24, 2012

To Rev3 or Not?

As soon as I got the go-ahead to run a few weeks ago, I jumped on the chance to switch my race registration to Rev3 Cedar Point half.  I was super-excited to be able to get my half-iron back on the schedule for this year.  But training and motivation haven't been what I'd hoped since then. 

So now I have a decision to make.  Do I go to Cedar Point and just try to finish or do I just stay home? 

This will probably be my last attempt at this distance for the next few years.  I have decided to step back and take care of the nagging health issues that have been bothering me this year rather than attempting to limp my training through them. 

The registration is paid for.
I will get to meet some of my "internet friends". 
I will get a chance to complete my goal race distance for 2012 and my second half-iron.
I haven't raced at any distance since March and I am itching for a good race.
Rev3 puts on an awesome race! (I volunteered in WI.  They are a class-act!)

I am not well-trained and it would be a challenge to just finish.
I am traveling by myself.  Have you ever finished a difficult race where you knew no one and had no support crew?  I have.  It sucked. 
I could use the time to work on the house we will be moving into this fall.
I would be spending a good amount of money on a race that I would be doing "just because".  
After my half last year, it took me a good 6 weeks to recover.  I am at a lower level of fitness this year so my recovery could potentially be quite long and difficult.  

Advice?  Thoughts?  Virtual kick in the pants?  


  1. I just made a similar decision. I chose to put off an iron distance for a year while I dial in. For me, finishing isn't enough, the finish line isn't what makes me happy. And that is what this is about, if just getting across the finish is enough then go for it.

    1. I'm not sure if just finishing is enough or not. That was my goal for my first half-ironman and it was enough then because I really had no idea how my pace would be at that distance. My original goal for this year was to PR, but I don't have the training to do that right now. Something for me to think about. Thanks for the advice!

  2. I also just am coming off a pseudo-retirement from racing due to my PhD. I got so dissappointed in my racing when I couldn't train as much as I wanted and it drove me to dislike the sport. It's very disheartening to race with the pros and not be on your game! I haven't raced a triathlon in over 1 year and feel so much less stress racing individual events and waiting until I have the time to devote to the training I used to do. I am looking forward to my first tri back - Rev3 SC!

    1. Rev3 SC looked like a great place to race! I would have liked to switch my registration there, but already had plans for that weekend. Good luck!

      Also, I think it's disheartening to not be on your game no matter what your pace. I'll never be anywhere near the pros and it still sucks to have a bad race!

  3. I really have no advice as I have no experience. Just know you are not alone. With our move to Arizona I had to sacrifice Rev3CP. It was a sad moment but I think it was right for me at the time...and your post actually just gave me a blog idea to write about. =) Good luck with your decision!