Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Training Log Aug 6-12

Only one workout to report this week.  While hiking last Sunday, I was stung by a couple wasps.  Monday and Tuesday I had a migraine, followed by a low-grade fever on Wednesday and Thursday.  I think these symptoms were a reaction to the wasp bites.  This Monday, eight days after being stung, the sting sites welted up and became quite itchy.  At least this week, they (so far) are not impeding my workouts!

Friday and Saturday were packing/travel days for Rev3 Wisconsin Dells!  I was supposed to race the half at this venue, but because of my injury this summer, transferred my registration to Rev3 Cedar Point in September.  We opted to go to Wisconsin anyway, since my in-laws had plans to stay with us there.  Everyone had fun at the resort and waterpark and I worked two volunteer shifts at the race.  A race volunteer report will be coming soon! 

My only workout this week came on Sunday morning between watching the swim and working my volunteer shift.  An 8-mile run/walk.  It was scheduled as a run/walk since I'm building up pretty fast in order to get ready for Cedar Point.  I don't want the stress reaction or the tendinitis rearing their ugly heads again! 

I wanted to stay off the race course during my run, so I found a not-too-busy county road that had a good 2.5 mile stretch between main roads and ran back and forth.  I managed to get a few rolling hills in, so that was an extra training bonus. 

The first mile felt like death (probably due to feeling sick all week?)  and I was worried I wouldn't make the 8 miles even with the walking.  Luckily, after about a mile-and-a-half, I started to perk up and continued to feel better the further I went.  I still felt strong as I finished up, greatly increasing my confidence for my race in Cedar Point.  It may take me longer than I would like, but I WILL get there!

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