Monday, August 6, 2012

Training Log July 30- Aug 5

This week started off strong, but ended with a big old pile of nothing.  My parents had their farm retirement auction this weekend and I completely underestimated the energy (and time) it would take to help them.   The auction was Saturday, we entertained family and did a little more cleanup on Sunday.  Now on Monday, I feel like I got hit by a truck...tired, a little achy, and quite sunburnt. 

Part of the problem was my nutrition this weekend.  I am fully aware that I could and should have eaten better, but I ate what was being served and what was convenient.  Lesson learned, lets see if I remember it next time. 

Mon: 1.5 mile walk with stroller
Tues: 3 mile run, 30 minute spin
Weds: 64 minute pace workout on trainer
Thurs: 5 mile run on treadmill
Fri:  50 min open water swimming
Sat: Scheduled day off
Sun: Walked around in the pasture with family, but no specific workout.

I am also part of a plank challenge for August.  The goal is to build to a 5 minute plank by the end of the month.  I started on the 1st at 45 seconds, increased it to 70 seconds by the 3rd, and haven't done one since.  I 'm not sure I'll get to 5 minutes, but I can use the core work so I'm sure going to try. 

Trying to be lazy today and recuperate.  I'm trying to get my diet back to normal too, but for some reason I'm craving junk today...Must...Resist...

This coming weekend is the triathlon that was supposed to be my 'A' race this year, Rev3 Wisconsin Dells.  I'm not racing, but volunteering instead.  Looking forward to watching a great race and having a lot of fun with a different view :)

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