Thursday, December 30, 2010

11 Things To Do in 2011

These are not resolutions. Resolutions don't work.  These are goals.  Each follows the S.M.A.R.T. system of goal-setting (I penciled it all out but won't subject you to the whole mess!)  I aim to accomplish the following in 2011:
1.  Complete my third marathon (Grandma's Marathon, Duluth, MN, June 2011)
2.  Break 5 hours in the marathon.  If I don't accomplish this at Grandma's, I'll be looking to run my fourth marathon in the fall. 
3.  Complete my first triathlon (I'm aiming for Albert Lea in May if the logistics work out, otherwise I'll have to do more investigating to find a tri to practice for my next goal.)
4. Complete a half-iron distance triathlon. (Chisago Lakes, July 2011)
5.  Run 1000 miles. (This is a little bit lofty, but attainable if I work hard towards the next goal.)
6.  Follow my training plan (with reasonable exceptions for illness or injury.  I am also allowing myself one "I don't feel like training today" day per month.  These can be banked if not used, but cannot use more than two per month.)
7.  Read one book per month.  This may not sound like a lot, but with all the other things I have going on, getting time to read can be a challenge.
8.  Follow a cleaning schedule.  I found one online and modified it to fit our house and needs. 
9.  Reduce the amount of stuff in our house by donating clothing and other things we no longer use.  I've already got a good start on this.  The in-laws took four bags of clothes for Goodwill last time they were here. 
10.  Learn how to use a pressure-canner.  I've done this with my mom before but have never been confident enough to do it myself.  I'd really like to can my own beans - much cheaper than store-bought and no BPA-lined cans!
11.  Go camping at least once per month from May-September.  This may mean putting up the tent in the yard a couple times, but I'd really like Liam to get used to camping early. 

Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope you accomplished your goals for 2010 and good luck with your goals for 2011!

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