Friday, January 14, 2011

Injured already and it's only January!

I've been having some knee pain for the past week-and-a-half.  Not terrible pain, just naggy, achy, something's-not-right pain.  I had a great swim yesterday, my longest to date.  And today my knee hurt worse.  Bleh.  So I called my physical therapist (my sister), who promptly told me that my pain was most likely my pes anserine, a tendon on the inner side of my knee.  She told me to ice ( I knew that much), stretch, and not swim or run for a week.  A week!  I'm just getting going again after the holidays, this sucks!  Anyway, she said I could bike so look for my training log for the next week to be filled with trainer workouts.  The cadence sensor I ordered came in the mail today so that will hopefully add some interest to my workouts by knowing what I'm doing and being able to focus on specific feedback goals.  I am planning to go to the pool and work on my pull with the pull buoy and just not do any kicking. 
I also dropped my swim instructor.  She was telling me to do things exactly the opposite of several reputable triathlon sites and books.  I need to just concentrate on one methodology or the other and the form recommended in the books comes more naturally to me so I'm going with that for now. 
I'm hoping to have a good week on the bike and be back to multisport training soon!

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