Sunday, January 30, 2011

Training Log Jan 23-29

Sunday: No workout- resting to make sure running didn't bother my knee
Monday: Swim 1700yds (500 warmup incl. balance drills, 500 on strong side, 10x 50 on weak side, 100 cooldown)
Tuesday: Run 1.5 mi, 14:30; Bike 30 minutes, 9.66 mi
Wednesday: Run 1 mi, 8:49 (0.25mi warmup, 0.5mi=3:59, 0.25mi cooldown); Bike 6 mi, 17:38
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: Swim 1400yds (200 warmup, 500 balance drills, 500 free, 200 cooldown)
Saturday: Bike 75 minutes, 23.83 mi

Totals for the week:
Swim: 3100yds
Bike: 39.49mi
Run: 2.5 mi (This looks so sad!)

On the docket for this next week is bumping up my running mileage just a little as I ease my knee back into it.  I did get new shoes so hopefully that will help also.  (Same model, just a new pair.)  I plan to keep working on the Total Immersion balance drills and hopefully progress to the next section in that program.  I definitely see it paying off in the form of swimming efficiency.  When I swam on Friday, the guy next to me was going the same speed but taking twice as many strokes.
It's hard to believe January is almost over.  Only a couple more months slogging on the treadmill and the trainer before I can finally get outside!

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