Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My First Green Monster

I bit the bullet today and tried a "Green Monster" smoothie.  For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a smoothie made with spinach or other greens.  And they are very, very green.  I've been a little leery of them but people who love them swear you can't taste the greens.  So I tried it...

And I liked it!  You really can't taste the greens.  All I could taste in mine was banana which will have to be remedied in future concoctions since I'm not that big a fan of banana.  The banana pieces I had in the freezer were quite ripe when I froze them.  I generally like them a little less ripe and a little less banana-y so I'll try a less ripe banana next time. 
I didn't follow a real recipe, but just threw stuff in the blender according to what I thought I remembered reading various places.  (And by various places, I mean that I have no idea where I remembered reading it or if I remembered correctly.  If this recipe belongs to you, please remind me and I'll link you up and give you credit where credit is due.) 

This is what I put in mine:
Almond milk (started with 1 cup, added more while blending)
1 banana, frozen
a few chunks frozen mango
a frozen hunk of strawberries in honeyed syrup (I froze these last June)
2 large handfuls spinach

There are recipes all over the place for different varieties of Green Monster.  For a whole bunch in one place, check out Green Monster Movement.
Liam's first 'Green Monster' mustache- He liked it, too!

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