Sunday, April 10, 2011

Training Log April 3-9

This week ended much better than it started training-wise.  We ended up needing to do a bunch of work at the greenhouse at the beginning of the week so training was sacrificed.  But, we have a buyer for the greenhouse and are supposed to close in the next few days!  Here's the rundown on what I did get done:

Sunday: no workout
Monday: no workout
Tuesday: Was supposed to be a 45 minute bike, turned into 4 miles on the mountain bike with Liam in the Burley.  Going up a soft gravel hill while pulling a child in a trailer is hard!
Wednesday: Swam 2400yds (2000 continuous, yay!); Ran 3 miles, 30:55, with stroller
Thursday: Rest (swapped with Saturday because of weather forecast)
Friday: Swam 1925yds; Ran 3.14 miles to greenhouse to meet new owners with keys.  Against a 20mph wind, with the stroller acting like a sail pushing me in the wrong direction.  So much for an easy 3! Plan was to walk back home.  Ended up running the 3 miles back home with dad, again pushing the stroller, 31:02.
Saturday: 12 miles, 2:03:14.  I am really excited about this.  Had I added another 1.1 at the same pace, it would put me within 5 minutes of my half-marathon PR!  I felt great when I got done and got a great confidence boost. 
Weekly totals:
Swim: 4325yds
Bike: 4 mi (Yikes!)
Run: 21.14mi

Next week is week 6 of the 20-week training program I'm following.  Two rest days scheduled for next week.  The instructions for one of the days says, "Recovery day, do as little as possible...".  I think that I will have no problem following instructions for that day!

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