Monday, April 18, 2011

Training Log April 10-16

This week went fairly well.  My scheduled tempo run Thursday was a big fat fail (when dizzy, get off the treadmill), but everything else went fine.

Sunday: 17.18miles on the bike OUTSIDE!  It was extremely windy so it wasn't the most fun ride (48 minutes on the way out, 24 on the way back), but at least I got outside.  I had to go back on the trainer later in the week because of the weather.
Monday: Swim 2500yds (250 warmup, 2x1000, 250 cooldown)
Tuesday: Ran 3.16 miles, 30:02; biked to town with Liam in the trailer, 52 minutes
Wednesday: Scheduled rest day
Thursday: Swim 2000yds (main set 20x75, speedwork); ran 3miles on treadmill, 30 minutes
Friday:  Swim 1050- drills
Saturday:  Bike (back on the trainer) 2 hours, 33.65 miles; Ran 30 minutes, 3.07 miles

Weekly Totals:
Swim: 5550yds
Bike: 58.10 miles
Run: 9.23 miles

Looking forward to having another good week!

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