Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Have some fun with Team Rev3!

Earlier this year, I applied for a spot on Rev3's age group team. With over 600 applicants my chances of making the team are slim to ...well, very slim.  BUT, I'm still joining in the team announcement fun and you can to!  

Most days Team Rev3 is giving its fans a challenge to complete before that day's new team member announcement. Past challenges have been 'liking' Team Rev3's Facebook page, posting a picture with Rev 3 gear, a "chubby bunny" video, and playing "Ash in MASH" (check out the page, it requires too much explanation for me to give here!)  Today's challenge is to write a poem about Rev3. Here's mine:

Rev3 should pick me
Though I don't race briskly.
But I've got heart
And I'll do my part. 
To sing the praises
Of Rev3's graces.

Best swag in the business
A sign of their coolness. 
And athlete support?
They don't come up short.

Rev3 is the bomb,
Won't you come along? 
And race with the best
In a Rev3 contest?    

Is any of this likely to garner me a spot on the team? Probably not, but it's fun!  Plus it's fun to see who they picked and find some new athletes to inspire me, blogs to follow, etc.  C'mon and join in!

Find Team Rev3 Triathlon's FB page here.

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