Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Good, The Slow, & The Ugly: San Diego Race Weekend Preview

I just got home from my "3 days, 3 races" vacation in San Diego.  As indicated by the title of this post, I did not have three good races.  I am exhausted (I think I have a vacation hangover!)  and after the "ugly" race, have had a ridiculously hard time collecting my thoughts to start writing these reports. 

Overall, though, I had a wonderful time and met some great people!  This was my first trip to San Diego and won't be my last.  Here's how my weekend started out...

Thursday was a cool day in Minnesota (38 degrees, brrr!) so I was glad to be headed to warmer temps.  I dropped Liam off at Grandma & Grandpa's and headed toward the airport in Minneapolis.  By the time I got to the airport, I was anxious and shaky.

This trip was a big deal for me.  Going by myself?  NOT something I would normally do.  I generally hate to talk to people I don't know.  I avoid calling people on the phone, complaining about anything, walking into a restaurant or bar first (I don't let my husband hold the door for me, I make him go first), or generally drawing attention to myself in front of people I don't know.  This trip was a challenge to myself to come out my comfort zone and lose a little of my shyness.  (On a related note, I also posted a video of me doing the "chubby bunny" on Team REv3's FB page.  I'd say my attempts to be more outgoing are working!)

After arriving at the airport, I got checked in and waited in a LONG line to go through security.  Because I was in the security check line for so long, the wait to board the plane wasn't long at all.

After an uneventful flight, I arrived in San Diego just in time for rush hour!  I picked up my rental car and headed out to brave the traffic.  I had to pick up my bib for the following day's race at Road Runner Sports.  Boy, was that place a zoo!  They had their Thursday night Fun Run going on at the same time and there were people everywhere! 

I got in and out as quickly as I could and headed to the hotel.  I didn't get lost, but I did have to turn around a couple times.  I hate it when the name of the road in the GPS isn't the same as the name of the road on the sign!

After I checked in, priorities were set.  The first thing I did was go looking for a grocery store and some wine!  I originally went looking for Trader Joe's but found Von's instead.  It was a perfectly acceptable substitute and I picked up some snacks, pre-race breakfast food, and a bottle of wine especially chosen for it's screw-off top!

Also bought but not pictured:  bananas, bagels, cream cheese & pears.

After returning to the hotel, I was exhausted from my long day of travel and decided to just get room service so I could sit on my balcony and drink some of that wine.  Supper was a delicious salmon with a pepita  & cilantro crust with some sort of spicy sauce, grilled veggies, and Yukon Gold garlic mashed potatoes.  I had ordered a house salad, which they forgot, not knowing that the veggies were going to be included.  It was fine that they forgot it because there was plenty of food! I ate my supper, then sat on the balcony and enjoyed the cool (but still warmer than Minnesota!) air.

San Diego skyline as seen from my balcony.

The balcony overlooked the pool and courtyard area.
I finally went to bed at 11PM after setting out my race gear for the morning and finding the directions to the start.  Friday's race start was only 1/2 mile from the hotel!  I couldn't have planned that better if I tried.

Stay tuned for: The Good: San Diego Day One, Heroes 5K

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