Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Training Log Nov 20-26

Wow, this week is getting away from me already! Its's already Tuesday and I'm just finally getting around to posting last week's training log.  Oops!

This was my first official week of the off-season.  My goal for this off-season are to maintain my running base and increase my strength.  I'm using P90X for the strength training portion.  Starting in January, I'll also hit the pool and start working of my swimming.  It desperately needs it, but with all the holiday stuff going on, I just don't have time to take 3+ hours out of my day to swim right now.  

I'm still having some nagging hip issues, so this week is light on running.  I'm hoping that will remedy itself with rest, ice, and lots of stretching.  It's getting better, I think.  

Sun: run 3 miles, 29:06, felt great!  18 degrees outside today; P90X yoga
Mon: P90X Legs/Back- only did 20 minutes and was TOAST.  Need to make an effort to do these workouts during L's nap instead of waiting until the end of the day.
Tues: P90X Kenpo
Weds: Rest
Thurs: 5K Turkey Trot 30:51, with stroller, roads were very slippery in some spots- used the stroller like a walker!
Fri: P90X Shoulders & Arms
Sat: Unplanned rest day

I kind of feel like I should be doing more, but at the same time I feel like, "Hey, it's just the beginning of the off-season- take a break now while you can!"  I'm trying to let myself take days off when I feel like it without feeling guilty.  There is a ton of stuff I need to get done before Christmas and some days I have a hard time fitting it all in.  Just like everyone else.  So to everyone whose race season is over, take a break if you need to and don't feel the least bit bad about it!  And have another glass of wine while you're at it, too...

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  1. There is definitely some mental transition time when going from racing to cross training. looks like you are doing great!