Friday, April 13, 2012

Random Five Friday (the 13th!)

1.  I don't like bananas, but if you put a little Nutella on a banana, it magically becomes one of my favorite snacks!

2.  I eat a banana as part of every pre-race breakfast, even though I don't like them.  Apparently race-day, like Nutella, magically makes bananas taste better.

3.  Speaking of magic things... have you tried KT tape for an injury?  KT tape is also magic.  I'm using it for my hip flexor pull.  I really didn't think it was helping much, until I took it off...

4.  Also magic:  My ENT is trying me on a new medication for my dizziness.  When I asked him how it worked he said, "they really don't know".  So I guess my medication is magic,too.  Oh, and one of the possible side effects is weight loss....shucks ;)

5.  Nothing to do with magic:  Liam said his first full sentence this week.  Are you ready for the amazing wisdom that came out of my child's mouth?
"Bye-bye, messy poop."  
On second thought, if you're only not-quite-2-yrs-old, both poop and toilets are probably magic.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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