Friday, April 20, 2012

Random Five Friday: Food Edition

My GI issues have led me to think a lot about food lately. Especially about the foods I would most not want to give up.

1. Cheese. Any kind, really, but my favorite is Manchego.

2. Wine. If they could make a good non-alcoholic version I'd totally go for it. I've had some that were decent, but none that could quite be called good. My current favorite wine (of the regular alcoholic variety) is Evodia.  Garnacha is soooo good!

3. Hummus. I can't quite get into the veggies with hummus craze, but chips or pita and hummus? Yes, please! Guacamole is a close second.

4. Asparagus. The only veggie I truly love. And don't you dare try to dress it up with any seasoning or sauces! A little butter/olive oil and just a sprinkling of salt and pepper and it is absolute perfection! Adding anything else to it just messes it up.

5. Sylvia Bars. A delectable treat only made at Christmas in our family (both because they are putsy and because they are little calorie bombs). Why are they called "Sylvia Bars"? Apparently Grandma got the recipe from a lady named Sylvia. Currently, I am not able to eat these, they contain graham crackers (gluten, ack!). Luckily, I have all year to find an acceptable gluten-free ingredient substitution!

What are the 5 foods you wouldn't want to do without?

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