Sunday, April 8, 2012

Random Five...

1.  It feels like an eternity since I last posted on this blog.  In reality, it was only 11 days.  I skipped a training log in there, but I got injured so suffice it to say there was very little training done.

2.  We have asparagus!  Three little shoots the other day.  I've been keeping an eye on it.  It it gets warm again today it might be ready to pick tomorrow.  If it stays chilly, it will be a few more days.

3.  Snuggling with your toddler, watching his favorite Christmas show after getting matching mother-son "tattoos", is a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening!

4. I added some side planks to my #plankaday yesterday.  Today I feel like someone punched me in the kidneys.  Ouch.

5.  Too much to do on this beautiful sunny day to spend any more time on the computer...

Have a GREAT day!

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