Friday, November 19, 2010

Bootie Busting Here I Come

I just signed up for the 2010 Holiday Bootie Busting Challenge ( see button on right sidebar).  I'm hoping this will help get my motivation back up and keep it there!  The challenge starts tomorrow, November 20th, so of course I have to start off tomorrow with a good run!  I don't have much hope of winning the challenge.  I know there are a lot of people that put in more miles a week than I can.  Last year's winner had 442.6 points!
I am making it a personal goal to meet the following benchmarks during this challenge:  Running: 84 miles; Biking (on trainer): 14 hours; Swimming: 9 hours.  Meeting these goals will net 176 points for the challenge.  Secondary goal will be 200 points from exercise. BHAG will be 225 points from exercise. 
I also need to focus on the eating fruits and veggies.  Um, yeah, I think I ate 2 servings of fruit and one veggie today.  Not so good.  Speaking of eating, I am pretty sure I'm short on calories today.  Time to go have a snack.  I think I'll see what I have for fruits or veggies!
If you want to join, sign-up ends at the end of the day on November 20th so don't procrastinate.  Get your butt over there and sign up now!

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