Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Seven: Reflections on the week

Seven random thoughts from this week:
1)  This is my new favorite oatmeal recipe.  The only thing I do differently is eat the banana separately.  I don't like banana-flavored things.  One thing to note is that when you take it off the stove it is really runny and looks like oatmeal soup.  Never fear, as it cools to eating temperature it will absorb the extra liquid! And, I've decided almond milk is awesome.

2)  Low-sodium V8 makes great soup.  Add spices of choice, heat & eat!  Bonus: it's good for me!

3)  People that are "so sad that we're closing" the store but never shopped there before it was all on clearance annoy me.   If you liked the shop so much, why weren't you patronizing it before?

4)  Our mail lady is awesome.  She's afraid of our dogs (I don't blame her, the one is kind of evil toward strangers) so she brings any packages that don't fit in the mailbox to the shop instead of leaving me a card and making me go to the post office to pick it up.  I heart her. 

5)  I hate winter.  I really want to bring Liam outside to introduce him to snow for the first time, but every time I look out I decide that the warm living room is much nicer.  I'm going to try really hard to get my lazy butt out there after his nap.  Now if only I knew where the camera was...

6)  I don't know how anyone can afford to buy baby food.  Seriously, more than $1 for 5-7 ounces of ____(fill in the blank: peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.)  Crazy! 

7) Dave got a deer!  I can't wait to eat some nice lean venison.  We ran out sometime last spring and I was missing it.  I need to grind some for burger ASAP.  I can't stand store-bought ground beef! 

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