Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekly Training Log (late again!)

Aaack!  I'm late again posting my weekly training log.  Here it is:
M: Ran 7 mi, treadmill, 73:08
T: cycle 30 min, trainer
W: Off- was completely exhausted, went to bed @ 9:30
Th: Tempo run, 1 mi WU, 1 mi 8:34, 1 mi CD
F: Off
Sat: Off again.  I was busy getting things ready for the baptism these two days.
Sun: Ran 6 mi; ran w/ sister, sister-in-law, and dad, 1:02:51
Weekly mileage: 16 miles
Monthly mileage (November): 16 miles
Yearly mileage (since Oct 1, 2010): 65.3

I am exhausted again today like I was Wednesday.  I may go to bed by 8:30 tonight if I can get everything done.  I left a cooler of baby food at the greenhouse, and I need to go get it.  I can't stand the idea of throwing away 11 ounces of milk.  I work hard to make that stuff!  Anyway, L is already asleep so I need to get a hold of Mom or Dad to sit out here with him while I go to town.  Their phone is busy.  So I wait. 

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