Sunday, May 1, 2011

Training Log April 17-30

Oops, I forgot to do my training log last week.  That's probably okay since this past week's log is so empty, at least there will be something to post. 
April 17-23
Sun: Rest
Mon: Swim 2500 yds
Tues: Bike 1 hour on trainer, 13.97mi; Run 30 min on treadmill, 3 miles
Weds: Rest
Thurs: Run 14 miles, 2:31:55
Fri: Swim 1950
Sat: Run 60 minutes, 6.37 miles (10K time of 58:20 beats my 10K PR by 4 1/2 minutes!)

April 24-30
This was scheduled as a recovery week so it was supposed to be light, but not quite this light.  Between Dave being out of town for work and Liam being sick, I just didn't get as much done as I would have liked. 
Sun: Bike 1:17:58, 14.29 miles - road bike on packed lime trail= not fun!
Mon: Rest
Tues: Bike 30 minutes (exercise bike at Y), Ran 1.5 miles on track at Y, 13:58.  Was going to run 3 miles, but I saw the child care people walking Liam around because he was crying so I quit early.
Weds: Swim 1100
Thurs: Ran 1 mile to test out new shoes, 8:58 w/ stroller
Fri: Off- Liam sick
Sat: Off- Liam sick

Weekly totals:      April 17-23     April 24-30
Swim:                   4450yds           1100yds
Bike:                    13.97mi            23.09mi
Run:                     23.37mi            2.5mi

April totals:
Swim: 15,425 yds
Bike: 99.16 mi
Run: 56.21 mi

Year-to-date totals:
Swim: 42,875 yds
Bike: 383.6 mi
Run: 131.94 mi

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