Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Ramblings & Link To A Great Giveaway!

Because this isn't just a running/triathlon blog, I figured I probably should add some posts that weren't totally devoted to my training.   So what do I do on my days off?  Well, yesterday I gardened!

Front garden
Two mixed planters- one is all grass, the other sedum
Corner rock garden in progress

My pot of lettuces and spinach.  It's almost too pretty to eat!  (Almost)

I love this serrated-leaf coleus
The two plant in my garden that look the best are not actually IN my garden. 

What I have left to plant from Saturday's haul.

I should have taken the pictures yesterday, but it was dark when I was finishing up.  This cloudy, rainy dreariness has become way too normal around here.  Where's my sunshine?!?  In my quest for sunshine (both real and perceived) this is what I did today:

Looks like I have more work to do tomorrow!  Some of this is for the vegetable garden which we will work on this weekend.  We were hoping to till it before we put everything in, but we may just end up throwing the plants in the mud like we did last year.  Not ideal, but everything grew.    I was happy to find my favorite canning tomatoes- San Marzano- at a greenhouse about 45 minutes away.  It was the fifth place I checked.  I did give the locals a chance even though I knew I was probably going to have to go out of town to get them.  I usually start my own, but didn't want to mess with keeping a toddler out of the starts. 

I also made a delicious salad for lunch today, but that's a whole other post so I'll save that for another day!  Here's hoping the sun is shining in your part of the country!

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