Thursday, February 9, 2012

Organizing is always a challenge!

There are always so many fun challenges going on in blogworld to help keep you accountable.  Whether you want to do a food journal (like I did last month, thanks to Amanda for hosting!), not buy anything new, remember to appreciate others in your life, organize a room, run a certain number of miles - whatever you can think of, someone is probably hosting a challenge!

I am often tempted to take on more than one at a time, but have decided to limit myself to one per month.  This month, I am doing Organizing Junkie's 29-Day Organizational Challenge.  As part of this challenge, posting "before" pictures of the room you want to organize are optional.  I am slightly embarrassed by broadcasting pictures of my bedroom in it's current state, but I also know that it will motivate me to put a lot of effort into this challenge.

You may be asking what this has to do with my usual health and fitness topics.  Well, my training clothing and gear makes up about half of the unorganized clutter in this room.  I would really like to find a way to make this small bedroom functional for both me and my husband, since there is no other space in this tiny house to keep this stuff either!  (We already store the Burley bike trailer and the jogging stroller in the dining room.  Yeah, I know.  But it's a small house with storage issues.)

Ok, (gulp) here are the pictures.  Please don't judge too harshly...I promise the rest of the house doesn't look like a hoarder lives here!

This dresser is full of various workout clothing.  The stuff on top of the dresser has no home, the pile on the side is clothing that was only worn for an hour or so and can be worn again, the stuff on the coat rack is various workout gear. The file boxes and the boxes to the far left are business records that I am currently working with for an impending audit.  They do have a home and will be put back there when the audit is over. 

Bins under the dresser house my running and cycling shoes.

Closer view of the junk on top of the dresser.

This corner scares me.

Jewelry organization- I need a few more pins, but otherwise I like this system.
My hubby's nightstand.
My hubby's stuff on top of the dresser that houses my shorts, t-shirts, and unmentionables.

This corner scares me even more.  

Most of these bins are clothes that don't currently fit (I know, I know).  The other stuff is fabric for sewing projects.  That used to be kept in my son's closet.  But then we had a kid and everything got shuffled around to make room for all the "baby stuff".   

This pack-and-play will be going away early this spring.  My mom is having a garage sale.  Right now it is just another horizontal surface to catch things that fall out of ...

...the overstuffed closet.  And yes, I keep the mirror in the closet instead of hanging it up.  My son pulled it off the wall one day and it hasn't been put back up yet. 

Organized purses!  At least I'm doing one thing right!

Dirty clothes basket and random sweaters piled on top of the extra blanket basket.  


  1. OMG girl. you so need this challenge. Wink wink! Good luck. you will feel like a new woman at the end of the month!

    1. Thanks, Laura! You'll appreciate that so far on this project I have purchased nothing new! Actually, I haven't spent any $ on it yet. Small steps, right?